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Bluebridge assists with early stage funding in businesses.

Order Bridging

Many of the businesses we deal with are doing well and securing their first orders.  Businesses typically need capital to fulfil these orders and that is where we come in.


Amongst our contact base we have a wide range of expertise which we use to provide help and support, where required, to early stage businesses.


Businesses may find their cash flow is erratic, usually the accounts are empty but then secure orders and cash sits on account.  We can advise on how best to utilise this cash in the short term to better manage cash flow demands in the long term.

Personal Consultation

We have all been there - we've started businesses, some times successfully, sometimes not.  Our experience is there to be helpful to you in your journey.

When we leave

A bit like Nanny McPhee we are there when you need us, but when you no longer do we will be gone.  However our relationships tend to endure and often we remain shareholders of the businesses we help get off the ground.

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